Believe me, this title is not click bait.

Bubble Gum Girl, 1984. Photo Joseph Szabo, courtesy Gitterman Gallery.

About three weeks ago I published an article talking about the first video I made for the “Verona Inc.” project. If you are curious, you can check this article out here. But if you’re not in the mood, I’ll give you a brief summary: basically, I created a fake makeup brand to which I planned six different TV commercials, from six different decades, and through this commercials I’d learn how to use After Affects.

Puff! That was a lot!

But now that you are familiar with what’s been going on, we can…

Old televison store.

In the beging of 2021 I decided I wanted to to improve my skills on softwares like Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Like the storytelling junkie I am, instend of just making some silly animations, I thought it would be a great idea for me to create a completly made up makeup brand and shoot several videos as if they were cormercials for that brand through out the decades.

A true genius…

But once the idea was in my mind, I had to do it!

The process of learning more about Premiere Pro and After Effects was really interesiting, and…

Ok, I will admit upfront this title is a little clickbait-y. But if you’re like myself, and misses going out to the theatres, you should read this article!


This week I decided to do something a little different, and insted of just bringing my oppinion up — notice the just, don’t you dare think I won’t be talking abot myself today — I decided to talk about more metter of fact topics, such as accessibility and how socialization happens.

So, brace yourselves for some data and quotes, and let’s dive in to the story!

Act I: A call for adventure

My friends and I love going…

Here I go again with a controversial opinion!

Image by u/Layden87 on Reddit.

Imagine you are an aspiring horror writer. You grew up reading or watching the classics. H.P Lovecraft, Bram Stoker, Mary shelly and, of course, Stephen King. You indulge in their masterful craft, honed through a combination of sheer talent and years of practice.

Now that you imagined that, you can stop because you don’t need to imagine, I can tell you from experience.

Part I: The time I stoped shining

I am that aspiring horror writer/filmmaker and for years I have loved and admired these grand storytellers. And to be honest, I still do! …

I will give a hint: it has to do with storytelling!

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Let me start by admitting that I have never been a big super-hero fan. Even though one of my favourite movies as a child was The Incredibles (2004), I have always found these type of storytelling to be very repetitive.

Don’t get me wrong, they are a fun watch and I do believe there are some exceptions - such as the first Spider Man (2002), or the Dark Knight Trilogy (2005) - but in genaral they have always felt forgetable, and I couldn’t care less for their characters and…

Get ready to get you mind disturbed and disrupted!

Most people think that the horror genre is “less then”, just a bunch o blood and violence havy supercuts. That can sometimes be the case, and honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that!

However the horror genre is much more then that, and these movies can be true pieces of art and high quality entertainment. They can be stories that are able to discuss and reflect on taboo subjects, with a honesty that not a lot genres are able to have.

That’s why today I decided to create this list, to pay…


Bachelor in Social Communication, Advertising and Marketing



DISCLAIMER: This is merely an excerpt from the original article, therefore some of the context given by the background research might be lost. I left all the authors and documents I referenced at the end, jus in case you are interested in learning more about the subject :)

Alright, onto the geeking out over a horror film!

Netflix’s brand new sci-fi show, Tribes of Europe is already out, and the opinions have been divisive.

Cover art for Tribes of Europe (2021)

From the same creators of the massively successful show Dark (2017) — a philosophical and drama havy sci-fi story — Netflix’s latest sci-fi show, Tribes of Europe (2021) was released on the 19th of february, and it has been generating some buzz in its first week on the platform.

Todo já passamos por aquela dúvida: será que compro esse ou aquele?

Um usuário do Twitter se encontrou nessa mesma situação após sua televisão da Samsung queimar. Então ele se viu no papel de decidir qual marca de televisor deveria adquirir. Mas ao invés de fazer um viagem chata e entediante à loja, ele teve uma ideia que iria agitar a twittersfera. Uma batalha de rimas entre as empresas LG e Sony!

As regras eram simples: a empresa que conseguisse criar a melhor rima ganharia a batalha e o cliente junto. Sendo assim, ele convocou as duas marcas e lançou…

Se você é como nós aqui do NCD, é bem provável que seja um louco fissurado por seriados. O que me faz acreditar que já conheça todos eles, incluindo Mr Robot. Caso você seja um novato nesse mundo de “só mais um episódio” e maratonas, deixa que eu te apresento essa maravilha do entretenimento.

Esse é um programa criado por Chad Halminton, Sam Esmail e Steve Golin — também criador de True Detective — que teve sua estréia piloto no dia 27 de maio de 2015 em vários servidores online, para só no dia 24 de junho passar a ser…

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